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The reason why most people install Underfloor Heating(UFH) is due to its effectiveness and efficiency. UFH systems are reliable, safe and environment-friendly. The benefits ofUnderfloor Heating systemsover traditional radiatorsare properly documented. UFH systems can be used from small to large/commercial applications. Installing Underfloor Heating Systems is pretty easy and with the installation guides that come with the systems, anyone should be able to find a way around it.

Either as a DIY project or as a professional engineer, our guide gives you all you need when it comes to knowing how to install an Underfloor Heating System. You can contact us for your installation needs in East and West Sussex. We are ever- ready to assist you or to come to your property for the installation.What informs your choice of heating system depends on different factors. The electrical (dry)systems are easier to install than the wet system. Generally, the electric system is less complex compared to the wet system.