JG Speed Fit

JG Speed Fit

When installing an underfloor heating (UFH), it is important to know which manufacturers are ideal for your home’s unique heating needs and flooring type. JG Speedfit is a renowned underfloor heating system manufacturer. The produce components such as solid floor systems, water temperature controls, underfloor heating pipes and more. Installation will require a JG Speed-fit approved service. At CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex, our heating engineers are trained to install and maintain JG Speedfit products, including repairs. We are also accredited by leading regulatory authorities to deliver gas-safe services to residents in East and West Sussex.

Our Guarantee

CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex customers are guaranteed first-rate services for heating installations and repairs. We do not charge for home visitations. Before we install any unit, our engineers carry out a preliminary survey of the rooms to determine an appropriate design. We provide an obligation-free consultation to help you make informed decisions. Our engineers provide free quotation and our rates are fixed. We do not surprise you with unreasonable costs at the end of the project because we will always inform you about any additional costs. CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex is open for business 24/7 all year.

Solid Floor Systems

By contrast, underfloor heating gives you a comfortable, evenly distributed heating system in your home. It is cost-effective and requires less maintenance than traditional radiator vents.

CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex engineers help install underfloor heating for homeowners who are tired of spending high on energy bills. We can install smart heating cables for your solid floor systems.

Whether you have ceramic tiles, hardwood floors or concrete flooring, rest assured we will install you underfloor heating without invasion on your property. Our customers have peace of mind because we have been doing this for over a decade. Your home will be in professional care.

Water temperature controls

JG Speedfit underfloor heating produces regulators for water temperature controls. This is especially for homeowners who opt for the wet (hydronic) heating system. This type of underfloor heating requires hot water flowing underfloor to and from a heat source. An efficient temperature control system makes it possible to be regulate how high or low the water may be heated, thus improving the efficiency. Our engineers can also get you the best rates in the market because we buy directly from the source.

All newly installed products come with manufacturer-approved warranties.

Room temperature control

Unlike heating vents, underfloor heating provides a healthy alternative for keeping your interiors warm. They do not raise dust or allergens as vent heaters do, instead, any allergens on your floors such as mites are killed off instantly. The best advantage an underfloor heating system has over any radiator unit is the even heat circulation. While most heating systems suffer heat-loss to the ceiling, UFH systems promote warmth throughout the room because it works its way constantly from the bottom upwards. We use a systematic process to design the pipe layout and ensure heat loss to external sources is largely minimised. Contact a CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex engineer to find out more.

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Rated People

Rated People is an independent website that connects businesses with customers looking for their services. In turn, the customers have a platform to share their experiences about the service they hire. CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex places customer service as a priority, and we are confident to say that our customers are always 100% satisfied. To find out what they are saying, visit our page on Rated People and read the reviews. From Hastings to Eastbourne and the City of Brighton and Hove, we have built a reputation for service excellence in East Sussex. Take advantage of our hassle-free services today.

Which? Trusted Traders

For close to 60 years, the Which? Trusted Traders organisation has been evaluating the quality of products for consumers in the UK. They have recently included the review of services in their responsibility. They assess and endorse businesses that maintain a high standard of quality to their customers. The process often requires strict checks on a company’s financial background, the level of employees’ qualifications, business policies and their customers’ satisfaction. CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex is endorsed by Which? Trusted Traders. Our standard of quality is always high because we believe every home is entitled to the best heating service.

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CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex Standards

Obligation free consultation

JG Speedfit Underfloor Heating is one of UK’s leading manufacturers of heating systems. To get you the best deals and authentic products in the market, CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex engineers provide obligation free consultation.

We also provide maintenance tips, after-installation services and recommendations for repairs. When you hire us, you will get the best service unlike any type in the industry. Contact us today.

Customer first service

At CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex, our staff work with the understanding that a satisfied customer is a customer for life. We go the extra mile to ensure you experience a convenient interaction throughout the duration of your project.

Our engineers are all Gas-safe registered and trained in the latest safety measures. Furthermore, every project we undertake is covered by a full insurance policy.

Unique services

When you hire CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex, our engineers will treat you to a unique service experience. All our projects are performed by experienced and certified in-house experts. We take full responsibility for every job we undertake.

Technology led- services

Our services are carried out using the latest state of the art equipment. We also research innovative ways to install JG Speedfit heating without “invading” your floors. Our engineers also aim to deliver quick and permanent solutions to your heating problems.

Why hire CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex?

For over a decade, we have been committed to providing quality heating services for residents of West Sussex. Our customers in Worthing, Adur, Crawley, Horsham and Chichester have been with us for several years because:

  • We are JG Speedfit accredited. CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex engineers as trained regularly
  • CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex’s rates are fixed and upfront; our pricing is competitive.
  • Our engineers are very experienced and Gas-safe registered
  • Our installations come with manufacturer approved warrantees lasting 5years and more
  • We provide lifetime tech support for newly installed products.

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