Underfloor Heating Price List Sussex

At Clifton Hill & Montpelier Underfloor Heating Sussex East and West we offer some of the most competitive prices across the area. Some of the factors that determine the overall cost of your underfloor heating include the size of your room, per square meter; kilowatt per hour, number of days and thermostat installation. Weensure that our prices are stated before we commence installation. There are no hidden charges incurred no matter the situation.

Underfloor Heating Installation Prices

We employ the best hands to deliver value for money. It usually takes a few days to carry out installations on existing properties. We have to remove the carpet or tiles before installation. Our prices are charged per square meter of the room. The number of days spent and type of under floor heating systems will also determine the overall charges. Labour costs also include the addition of room thermostats, timer and connection to the main switch board. These require the services of an electrician. The installation of underfloor heating on new builds does not take as much time as the floor breaking stage is eliminated.


Although the prices of materials vary, we ensure only the highest quality items are sold to our clients. Our underfloor heating materials are obtained at the best possible market price and you can be certain about value for money.

Cost of Maintenance

The maintenance process varies from one project to another and thus, the costs will be dependent on the level of work to be done. Routine checks will cost less than deep repair works.

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