Warmer Floor

Warmer Floor

Underfloor heating is fast becoming a popular choice in many UK homes. In Scandinavia, over 80% of homes have underfloor heating systems. They are not only eco-friendly but cost-effective, so you save a considerable amount on energy bills every month. Manufacturers like Warmer Floor produce electric radiant heating systems that warm your home from the floor up. This guarantees even distribution of heat and more comfortable feeling in colder seasons. At CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex, we are a Warmer Floor approved company in Sussex that provides heating services ranging from installations to maintenance and repairs. Our engineers provide consultation too.

Our Guarantee

Do you own a Warmer Floor product? Or are you considering getting one soon? Talk to one of our product specialists. Where it is necessary, an engineer will visit your premises at no cost to you. They will take measurement of your floors and map out a design for laying the heating pipes. Our consultation services are obligation free, but customers who hire us are guaranteed 100% satisfaction. We open all through the year, including holidays. So, whenever you have a heating emergency, we are the go-to service in East/West Sussex. What’s more? Our rates are fixed and highly affordable.

Warmer Floor’s Residential Heating System

Warmer Floor produces a low voltage flat 12-inch wide heating mat built to evenly-distributed, more comfortable radiant heating solutions for your home. From the living room to the bedrooms and even the bathrooms, the heating mat is suitable for both new builds and retrofit projects.

Many people are often concerned about the safety- there is nothing to worry about. The product is completely safe.

CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex engineers are trained to provide special insulation to ensure you and members of your household are adequately protected. Your flooring will also be in perfect condition.

Warmer Floor’s Commercial Heating System

The manufacturer’s products are not restricted to residential use alone. Also available for offices and commercial enclosures are 9 - 12-inch low voltage radiant heating mats. Regardless of the type of floor, we can set up a system that will guarantee comfort in colder season. Concrete slabs, hard-wood floors or ceramic flooring a fast and convenient solution only a call away. Take advantage of the opportunity to win over more customers at your pub or diner with a cosy environment.

The commercial unit can also be installed in your bathroom for that snug feeling on winter mornings.

Why use a Warmer Floor specialist service?

Warmer Floor has unique patented heating products which require special installation techniques. Without the right training, an inexperienced engineer could botch the whole system and cost you more money. At CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex, our technicians receive regular training from the Warmer Floor engineers. We are more experienced and well-positioned to serve you better. In addition, we buy all our components straight from the manufacturers. This doesn’t only guarantee the best deals, but longer-lasting, more authentic products. Every one of our engineers is Gas-safe registered and approved by UK authorities.

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Rated People

When seeking a service provider, you want to be able to choose a reliable company. More so when it is for something as critical as a heating installation. Rated People provides a platform that connects people with legitimate service providers. It is an independent website that allows people rate and review businesses they hire according to their performance. We are confident to refer people to our Rated People page because we practice friendly customer service. Our values stem from professionalism and a dedication to every project we undertake. Feel free to visit our page and see what customers in Worthing, Adur, Crawley, Horsham and Chichester are saying about us.

Which? Trusted Trader

Which? Trusted Trader is an independent organisation responsible for checking the quality of services offered by businesses in the UK. The assessors carry out a series of evaluation processes in order to endorse deserving businesses. Only trade services who pass the assessment get the Which? Trusted Traders badge of quality. As a member of Which? Trusted Trader, CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex delivers high quality services right from inception to project completion. Customers who hire us guaranteed a convenient, hassle-free experience. It also means we maintain industry best practices to keep our customers satisfied.

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CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex Standards

Obligation Free Services

We provide obligation-free services for people who are in need of heating solutions. This includes purchase information, maintenance services, repair recommendations and warranty details.

It is advisable to consult an expert so you can make informed decisions. When you hire us, we will afford you all benefits accorded to Warmer Floor customers.

Customer comes first

All CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex employees are trained to put the customer first. This is a guiding principle in our company philosophy.

Customer care and safety measures are key to ensuring convenient service is delivered. Furthermore, we cover all our projects with a comprehensive insurance to guarantee protection for our staff and clients’ premises.

Unrivalled service excellence

CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex provides service excellence that stands out in the heating industry. We take responsibility for all our assignments; from the initial consultation to the final layout our inhouse professionals are completely involved.

Innovation-driven service

In addition to service delivery, we are continually involved in research to deliver permanent solutions to your heating issues.

Our work with Warmer Floors helps us discover better flooring options to keep your home adequately heated.

Why Choose CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex?

There are many benefits our customers stand to gain from working with us. For one, top manufacturers like Warmer Floors cancel their warranty when an unapproved heating service maintains or repairs their products. As a partner service for Warmer Floor, we are well-placed to serve you best in Sussex. Through Hastings to Eastbourne and the City of Brighton and Hove we have kept many households comfortably warm.

Other reasons to hire us include:

  • Highly experienced and Gas-safe registered engineers
  • Access to customer support for product lifetime
  • Our costs are fixed and transparent
  • Customers are guaranteed 100% satisfaction
  • Warmer Floor approved warranty on new installations

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