Why Choose Underfloor Heating Sussex

Why Choose Underfloor Heating?

In the UK, more people are believed to be living in fuel poverty. According to the Warm Homes & Energy Conservation Act, fuel poverty is described as any household living on a lower income, and is unable to heat the home at a reasonable cost. In practice, this is spending over 10% of income to heat the house to 18⁰C in occupied rooms, and 21⁰C in other parts of the home. Because of this, many people in the UK continue to seek energy-efficient, low-cost means to warm their homes. Underfloor heating offers one of the most reliable ways to achieve this. At Clifton Hill & Montpelier Underfloor Heating Sussex East and West, we help homeowners in Sussex achieve their heating needs. We have worked from Arundel to Udimore and beyond.

Our Guarantee

Your search for a smart alternative to home heating systems ends here. With Clifton Hill & Montpelier Underfloor Heating Sussex, you are guaranteed to minimise costs and enhance domestic comfort in cooler weather. When you call a Clifton Hill & Montpelier Underfloor Heating Sussex engineer, you don’t pay a call out charge. In addition, you will receive expert consultation at no obligation to use our business. If you hire us, we guarantee a fixed cost and transparent quote without any hidden costs. What’s more, our service is available at all time; 24hours, 7 days. In case of any heating emergency, we are your ideal solutions company.

What makes underfloor heating better?

We have mentioned its energy-efficient and cost-saving properties. While are valid, they are not the only reasons an underfloor heating system bests other standard appliances. Radiators are bulky and tend to take up space in your room. Underfloor heating on the other hand is almost invisible. Being under the floor, they don’t interfere with movement around the room. Are you prone to allergies? Heating vents are known to kick up dust and trigger sneezing fits. Your typical underfloor heating has no connection with dust or pollen, making it a healthier alternative.

Finally, with underfloor heating, the whole room stays evenly warm, whereas the ceiling is the warmest part of a radiator-heated room.

The water (hydronic) underfloor heating system

This is one of two main types of underfloor heating system. The water-based system uses either only water, or a mix of water and antifreeze as its heat transfer medium. It uses a system of pipes located beneath the flooring material to circulate hot water to and from the boiler (heat source) in order to generate warmth around the room. Clifton Hill & Montpelier Underfloor Heating Sussex-installed pipes are strong and flexible.

They are also totally safe and approved for home use by the British Electrotechnical Approval Board (BEAB). Whether you are building a new home or conducting a renovation, Clifton Hill & Montpelier Underfloor Heating Sussex can help install a super-efficient system.

The electrical underfloor heating system

The second most common type of underfloor heating system is the electrical (dry) type. It requires laying a series of heating cables or ‘warm’ carpets beneath or above the flooring respectively. The electrical alternative is fast and easy to install, plus it is cheaper than the hydronic underfloor heating system. It is usually the preferred option for people living in a pre-built property. While the electrical system offers cheap installation cost, it is often more expensive to run than the water-based heating system. We can provide a range of solutions based on installation costs and overall system maintenanace.

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Obligation-free Consultation

If you are unfamiliar with underfloor heating systems, it is recommended that you seek professional advice regarding installing one. You need to know what type is most suitable for your building situation. Otherwise you could make costly mistakes.

At Clifton Hill & Montpelier Underfloor Heating Sussex, take advantage of our free house calls and obligation-free consultation services. Should you choose to hire us, you will be guaranteed an energy-efficient system that is up and running in no time. You will also have access to maintenance tips from time to time.

Customer comes first

A business is only as successful as the size of its customer base. Clifton Hill & Montpelier Underfloor Heating Sussex engineers are trained to place priority on the customer’s convenience. We always make sure our services do not interfere with your daily routine.

For commercial buildings, we are flexible to working in the evenings or on weekends. We understand how important your business is and would hate to interrupt it for any reason.

All Clifton Hill & Montpelier Underfloor Heating Sussex projects are comprehensively ensured. Our customers are in professional hands.

Services unlike any other

What makes us tick? We don’t follow the herd mentality. Our employees operate the Clifton Hill & Montpelier Underfloor Heating Sussex way- this is driven by customer satisfaction and dedication to quality service.

As professionals, we take full responsibility for our actions because we are confident in our work.

Technology-driven service

Every year, we seek to provide a new way of service-delivery. From quick underfloor installation to seamless pipe layouts and manifold repairs, we adopt modern techniques that make our work easier.

We are not just pioneers in the industry, but technology evangelists for others to learn from.

Why you are better off with Underfloor Heating Installed Clifton Hill & Montpelier Underfloor Heating Sussex East and West

  • Work with some of the best professionals
  • Install energy-efficient, cost-effective underfloor heating system
  • Take advantage of our obligation-free consultation
  • Enjoy affordable rates our prices are fixed (no hidden charges)
  • Our products are BEAB approved and come with life-long warranties.

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