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Underfloor Heating Carpets

Are you concerned about using your underfloor heating system with a carpet? No need to worry, it is doable. With the increasing popularity of underfloor heating systems, many customers ask us if it is okay to use their system with a carpet. Our answer is yes. The performance won’t be diminished, so long as the carpet and underlay combinations have a thermal insulance rating lower than 2.5 tog. We advise builders and property-owners to first consult with the carpet manufacturer. At CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex, we are familiar with the specifications of most carpet types and can save you the extra hassle by setting up your system.

Our Guarantee

The CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex guarantee means you can get more by simply making the right choice. When you call a CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex engineer, you can get an obligation-free consultation on your carpet and heating system. We don’t charge for call outs and customers receive immediate response to any enquiries. We arrive at your home within the hour, if you live in East/West Sussex. Tired of services that include hidden charges? At our company, we have a fixed cost policy and every price is clearly presented. Regardless of the time or day, we will attend to your emergency because CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex operates a 24/7 service.

Which electric underfloor heating is compatible with carpets?

Under-laminate heating foil

We have specific products that are ideal for under carpet floor finishing. Our engineers will use a layer of strong insulation board, an underlaminate heating pad, a cover with an acoustic barrier as a slip membrane and protection for the heating system. The specialized foil can be cut and used to fill out your floor space. Its slim construction and pliable sizing provides the ideal structure for both renovation or new build projects. Our under-laminate foil mats can be easily bent to fit around permanent items like sanitary ware and kitchen islands. Call us for more information if you would like to know more.

Electric underfloor heating mats

CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex can install an electric underfloor heating system that functions efficiently under carpets and underlay. Our engineers simply use a 10mm layer of self-leveling material to cover the electric underfloor heating mat before fitting the underlay.

Our products have been pre-test for safety so you need not worry about its application in your home. We also guarantee that your floor’s heating efficiency will remain at full capacity in spite of the covering.

Ensure you set up a maintenance schedule with our technicians to service it when due. Like every heating systems it has its special care tips.

Electric underfloor heating cable kits

There are also electric underfloor heating cables which work well with under carpet and underlays. We cover it with a 10mm layer of self-levelling compound. The cables are thin, so they can’t be felt beneath the carpet. It is also safe for use in wet places and has a unique, pre-measured, original fixing strip. CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex offers a solution that does not require primer or tapes. It is so convenient to install and is non-invasive to your floors. We continually seek and implement stress-free solutions for our customers. Underfloor heating with carpet cover can retain heat long after it is switched off because carpets are naturally poor conductors of heat.

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Rated People

Rated People is an online community that seeks to connect trade services with customers. It also provides a platform where customers can share their experiences with the world. CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex believes people should know the services they hire which is why we encourage them to rate us on our page. We are confident our works speak for us through our customer ratings. Another advantage of the platform is that businesses get the exposure they need in certain areas. If we installed your underfloor heating system, do let us know what you think on our page.

Which? Trusted Trader

Like Rated People, the Which? TrustaTrader scheme serves to improve the experience people have with their hired services. It is an independent organisation that puts businesses through a tough evaluation process. This consists of six stages, financial checkup, customer interview, business policy reviews, employee assessment, reporting and endorsement stage. Each stage aims to determine the quality standards of the business being appraised. CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex successfully attained the Which? badge of quality because of its full commitment to service excellence.

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The CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex standard

Jargon-free and no-obligations consultation

Before you buy any carpet for your underfloor heating, it is necessary to check the specifications. Remember, in order to maintain maximum performance, the thermal insulance must be lower than 2.5 togs.

Measurement can be a problem if you are doing it on your own. At CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex, we have experts with an eye for detail. Get in touch for some valuable advice. Don’t worry, the service is free with no-obligation to engage us. However, you would be better of making that decision.

We put our customers first

Having worked in the heating and flooring business for years, our engineers are in the best position to serve you ideally. CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex practices a service policy that places utmost priority on customer satisfaction.

We use precautionary steps that minimise or completely eliminate customers’ exposure to risk. Furthermore, all projects we undertake are protected by a comprehensive insurance policy. Your property and its inhabitants are safe while we work.

We are independent

CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex is an independent company. Unlike some services, every stage of our work is completed by in-house professionals. We have total control of each project, thus reducing issues associated with 3rd party handling.

We promise 100% satisfaction at every stage of the value chain.

Technology driven service

In order to maintain our position as one of the leading services in the underfloor heating industry, we continue to adopt modern techniques.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and quality products mean you have more convenience dealing with us, increased satisfaction and a durable heating system.

What makes CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex your ideal underfloor heating company in East/West Sussex

  • A commitment to providing 100% customer satisfaction
  • A fixed, transparent pricing system with no hidden costs
  • CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex is fully endorsed by some of UK’s leading regulatory authorities
  • Our engineers are not only experienced but gas-safe certified
  • Customers are guaranteed value for money spent

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