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When laying an underfloor heating system, one of the important components to consider is the pipe construction. The layout is necessary for even distribution of heat across the room. At CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex, our multiple-layer pipes are ideal for providing an energy-efficient, low-cost heating solutions for property owners in Sussex. Our pipe system is made by major manufacturers in Europe and CE marked (Conformité Européene), indicating universal acceptance and high quality of standards. CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex is renowned across the Sussex area, from Willingdon to Ashusrt and beyond, for providing durable underfloor heating systems in line with building regulations. Take advantage of the CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex guarantee.

Our Guarantee

Before committing financially to any particular heating system, or installing the pipe network, we recommend talking to a professional first. CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex engineers provide obligation-free consultation services for self-build or renovation projects. In addition, we do not charge for call outs;home visitations are free. Are you tired of quotations with complicated pricing and hidden costs? At CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex, we practice a transparent pricing system where the details of costs are fully disclosed. We also have a rapid response team on standby in case of heating emergencies in the Sussex area.

Quality of Pipe

As a rule, we use only the best quality pipes in the market. Because we are such sticklers for high quality, we only use pipes manufactured by authentic suppliers. Our multi-layer pipes are made from PEX/AL/PEX. They are 100% diffusion tight and prevent oxygen from entering into the main heating channels. It has an industry approved setting for 95⁰C temperature and 10 bar pressures- the maximum there is. However, the system will not need these setting, but it is an indication of the pipe’s strength. Both the outer and inner polyethylene pipes are resistant to corrosion and scaling.

Features of the multilayer pipe

CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex multilayer pipes are a combination of cross-linked polyethylene and butt-wielded aluminium. This makes them the only suitable substitute to copper. Our pipes have both useful properties of plastic and metal. They come with fittings ranging from basic compression to the bespoke “press-fit” system. This brings modern improvements to the installations procedures. Available in 6 sizes, the pipes are perfect for different types and sizes of heating systems.

Whether it is plumbing, mains supply or underfloor heating, these pipes are 100% applicable. The inner layer is homogenously linked to the outer layer via a sandwich layer making it very rigid.

Why use a multilayer pipe?

Multilayer pipes come with several benefits, they make excellent components of heat transfer for underfloor heating systems. For one, they are made for butt-wielded aluminium pipes. CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex installed multi-layered pipes are also impermeable to oxygen diffusion, thus preventing a leakage into the heating area. Otherwise, the consequences would be dangerous. With a low co-efficient of expansion, the pipes are not susceptible to sudden changes in temperature. They are also entirely resistant to corrosion, as well as chemical action from agents and electrochemical. We only use the best, most flexible pipes to guarantee lasting systems for our customers.

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As an online community of trade service professionals, Rated People helps connect professionals with customers in need of their services. In addition, it provides a platform where people can share their experiences so that potential customers can make informed decisions while choosing a trade service. At CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex, our commitment to service excellence is evident in the string of positive comments and high ratings on our Rated People web page. Because we believe the customer is a reliable litmus test, we encourage them to share their experiences for prospective customers to see. Visit our page for more information.

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Brand Standards

Obligation-free Consultation

The pipe construction is one of the delicate parts of installing an underfloor heating system. Without the right type of components in place, you risk wasting money on inefficient products. Worse, it could lead to an installation that falls short of safety standards.

A CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex engineer can offer you expert advice with no obligation to hire. Our home visitations are free and you are assured of jargon-free communication. Should you decide to work with us, you are guaranteed the best piping construction at an affordable cost.

Customer service oriented

Our company is focused on delivering first-rate services. One of the ways we do this is by adopting a customer-oriented approach to our daily operations.

At every stage of the installation process, we inform you about the latest developments, cost details, suggestions and more. We also minimise floor invasion as much as possible. CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex engineers are trained to apply precautionary measures during the execution.

Rest assured, all our projects are covered by a comprehensive insurance policy.

Services unlike any other

Our team of underfloor heating technicians are well-trained and 100% professional. They will go above and beyond to make sure you are happy with you installed system.

Unlike some services, we don’t hire 3rd party contractors. All projects are performed by inhouse specialists. This means we are accountable for any issues.

Technology-driven service

Innovation remains a key factor for service excellence. Our projects are tech-driven. From pipe construction, layouts and manifold installation, we use modern equipment to increase turn-around time, and install products that will last for decades.

Our discoveries are research-led and aimed at providing 100% satisfaction.

Why choose CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex for Underfloor Heating Pipe Construction in East and West Sussex?

Before you spend hard earned cash on any underfloor heating service, remember we can do it at a more energy-efficient, low-cost alternative.

  • CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex products are CE marked and produced by world class manufacturers
  • Our engineers are experienced and NICEIC certified
  • We give real value for money spent
  • We use a fixed cost policy (no unnecessary additional charges)
  • Our engineers provide obligation-free consultation

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