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How much does it cost to install an underfloor heating system?

When it comes to installing a heating system, you want to save as much as possible. It is therefore essential to work with a service that understands how to organise your costs in line with a planned budget. At Mittens Underfloor Heating Sussex, we have underfloor heating professionals that help customers in Sussex plan their heating installations conveniently.

First, the cost of setting up your underfloor heating will vary depending on several factors. The part of your building, type of floor and the underfloor heating system will determine how much you spend on your installation. The project type and scope is also a major factor. For instance, installing a heating system in a new-build property will generally be cheaper than renovating/updating an existing one because of additional materials involved.

Cost of underfloor heating in a new build property

One cost-effective heating solution for your new-build home is a screed underfloor heating system. It is fast and keeps cost to a minimum. In a standard new-build project, such as a 3-bedroom home with 100m2 floor area, the cost of a tailored screed underfloor heating system would vary from £2,800 to £3,000. That is about £30 per square meter. This would also include the personalised system designed to meet the owner’s preferences and install high quality components.

Mittens Underfloor Heating Sussex experienced engineers have the technical know-how to deliver accordingly, as well as provide life-time customer support.

Cost of underfloor heating in a renovation

As said before, a renovation project would require more materials. This has the tendency to make it more expensive than a new-build installation. However, at Mittens Underfloor Heating Sussex, we have state-of-the-art equipment to make sure time is not wasted digging up the floor. We employ a minimal invasive approach to underfloor heating installation.The costs cover everything you need to set up the system prior to putting back the floor covering. There is no additional cost for the screed.

The renovation of an underfloor heating system in a Victorian-style double-storey property with a ground floor area of 60m2 would cost somewhere between £4,500 to £4,550. That is approximately £75 per square meter. The cost will cover everything needed to install the system before the floor finishing is fitted. Mittens Underfloor Heating Sussex installations also come with a lasting customer support service.

Cost of installation for a heating system

The cost of installation doesn’t lie in the system alone, but the technical knowledge and manpower. You will need an experienced installer to ensure you get the best service. Mittens Underfloor Heating Sussex engineers are certified in the latest installation techniques.

Other factors that affect the cost of installation range from the size and type of the particular system, as well as the postcode. But Mittens Underfloor Heating Sussex maintains a fixed pricing system that is transparent. The installation cost for a 100m2 at £30 per hour could cost approximately £800. In much smaller projects, it is possible to lay the piping and tubs yourself before involving a plumber to set up the manifold. However, we recommend you consult a professional for guidance. Take advantage of Mittens Underfloor Heating Sussex’s obligation-free service.

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