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Underfloor Heating Installation

The reason why most people install Underfloor Heating(UFH) is due to its effectiveness and efficiency. UFH systems are reliable, safe and environment-friendly. The benefits ofUnderfloor Heating systemsover traditional radiatorsare properly documented. UFH systems can be used from small to large/commercial applications. Installing Underfloor Heating Systems is pretty easy and with the installation guides that come with the systems, anyone should be able to find a way around it. Either as a DIY project or as a professional engineer, our guide gives you all you need when it comes to knowing how to install an Underfloor Heating System. You can contact us for your installation needs in East and West Sussex. We are ever- ready to assist you or to come to your property for the installation.

Our Guarantee

At CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex, our professional engineers can install the wet or dry Underfloor Heating System at your home or business. We are available all day, anytime the need arises. Our team comprises of well-trained engineers who have years of experience in the installation of Underfloor Heating Systems. If your Underfloor Heating System requires total refurbishment, maintenance or fitting, our engineers are equal to the task. If you are unsure of the type of heating system to install, the CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex team is ever-ready to answer all your questions and give you the best DIY tips,should you decide to install yourself.

Wet or Dry Underfloor Heating System

What informs your choice of heating system depends on different factors. The electrical (dry)systems are easier to install than the wet system. Generally, the electric system is less complex compared to the wet system. In addition, ‘where’ you intend to install the system may determine your choice. The wet system will,be more suitable for new houses or commercial enterprises, while the electric mat will be best suited for an old building.

Installation Tips

When installing, firstly you should ensure that the floor where the pipe and mat is to be laid is very clean.Any damaging object(s) should be removed, although the materials are tough and long-lasting, it is advisable to take all necessary precaution(s) before embarking on the main project. You should lay a damp-poof object before placing in the insulation layer. The pipes should be attached to units that hold it firmly, so that each loop is adequately distanced (about 200-250 m2).

With the water system, the first thing to be installed is the manifold. Know the floor covering which will be placed over the system and ensure that it is not one which resists temperature. Carpets have a maximum temperature limit of 27oC, as do vinyl, laminated and wooden floors. Don’t forget the use of installation boards, but if you will dispense with it, then you may not get the entire benefit of the system.

Hiring Our Experts

At CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex, our engineers are well equipped to install your Heating System. We go the extra mile to ensure your system is installed correctly to work for a long period of time without the need for maintenance and repairs. We are dedicated to excellence in all we do and this reflects in all the work contracted to us. We are your one stop solution to every Underfloor Heating System needs. Give us a try by contacting us today.

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Rated People

There are many reasons why our customers rate us high on our services. Some of these reasons include the fact that our engineers use their expert services to ensure that all our customers are thoroughly satisfied with every single project. We are always prompt in our response and provide extraordinary ‘after service’ care. Many of our customers have approved of the way we work through reviews on Rated People and similar sites.

Which? TrustaTrader

CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex is proud to be ‘Which? Trusted Trader’approved. This means that that we are diligent, honest and reliable. As an approved customer of ‘Which? Trusted Trader’, we abide by a code of conduct which is the minimum requirement of any organisation to be approved. When you are deciding on choosing the right company to handle all your Underfloor Heating needs around Sussex, you should look out for the ‘Which? Trusted Trader’ icon and you will be able to know if you can trust their services. As it is, we have the approval and the logo and we religiously follow the prescribed code of conduct. You can choose us as your Underfloor Heating Company of choice, we are just a phone call away. Contact us on 01444 680003.

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CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex East/West Underfloor Heating System Standards

Technical Advice

Our technicians are fully qualified to give DIY tips and advice regarding the general maintenance of your Underfloor Heating System, especially when all it requires is little tweaks and fixes. For this, you will not require the services of an expert and save on cost.

Warranty Backed

Our products are warranty backed because we purchase our products from manufacturers we can count on to deliver highly durable solutions to their clientele. This gives you peace of mind when we install your Underfloor Heating system in your home or business environment.

No Call-Out Charges

We do not charge for call-outs, we only send you an invoice once the work is done so you can be sure that contacting us does not mean you pay. Payment is made when we are through with your work and you are satisfied and this should give you peace of mind to a large extent.

Quality workmanship

If ever we receive information that you are not satisfied (which rarely happens), we always ensure to go back to the property and fix the issue again. Even if you have made payment and there is something more to be done, you will not be expected to make additional payment whilst we ensure your satisfaction with the requested work.

Why choose us for your Underfloor Heating Installation in East and West Sussex?

From Jevington to Redford, we boastfully say that we are one of the best when it comes to the installation of your UFH in East/West Sussex. Our service is different because of the manner in which we attend to our customer’s needs. Other reasons include, but not limited to

  • We are proud members of checkatrade.com
  • Our engineers are registered as Gas-Safe
  • Our Heating engineers are UFH savvy
  • We offer free DIY tips for your system maintenance
  • We remain one of the best Underfloor Heating company around East/West Sussex
  • We deliver Customer-Centric services

We are your UFH installation experts in and around East and West Sussex, from Goatham to Peacehaven. Get in touch with us for a free quote today, we offer on the spot quotation without any obligations.

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