Underfloor Heating Insulation Sussex

Underfloor Heating Insulation

In order to get the best out of your Underfloor Heating System(UFH), the right thing to do is to insulate the floor before proceeding with the underfloor heating installation. Regardless of whether you have chosen the wet or dry UFH, getting the insulation right will ensure optimal reaction time for your UFH system.It will also help reduce the loss of heat and energy use. It is paramount that the right thickness and type of insulation is used to combat the probability of heat being wasted. At CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex, our UFH specialists understand the right insulation type, dimensions and thickness required tokeep your home and business premises warm at all times.

Our Guarantee

Upon contacting us for your Underfloor Heating Insulation, we assure you of the receiving the best solution to your UFH needs. CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex engineers are well informed and well-trained professionals, who handle each project to the highest industry standards. We will help with insulation and every other need you require concerning your Underfloor Heating. We are available anytime all year round, when you need our services.

Insulation Methods (First Step)

On every floor (concrete and timber), the dust and debris will need to be cleared, likewise, any sharp object which may cause protrusions should be removed. Thermal primers can be used for solidfloors which will further help in the insulation procedure and also make the concrete ready for adhesives, due to its sealing ability. Each primer has instructions and it is advisable that this is followed to letter.

For timber floors, when necessary, repairs of any loose boards must be done. It is advisable that the insulation boards are not laid down in a row but in a wobble fashion. This helps to guard against unevenness. To secure the boards on a solid floor, laying them on the proper type of adhesive is recommended, while for timber floors, the boards will be screwed.

Insulation Method (Final Step)

Insulation boards should be taped together to seal all joined areas in the board. Before tapping, the use of acrylic sealant can be employed to further strengthen the board’s seal and prevent any loss of heat downward. For liquid screeds, polythene membrane should be laid down to guard the liquid when it’s poured out. Ascertain that there are no punctures in the sheet and ensure that it goes up towards the wall to take on the entire screed with extra attention paid to the corners of the room.

The tape needs to be used as much as its usefulness is perceived. After this, the ‘edge insulation’ will need to be installed, asthis helps the screed move to a certain point which is very important when the floor is later heated up. The PVC apron that comes with the edge insulation should be laid on the floor and thoroughly secured with waterproof tape. Take out the edge insulation from the roll and start placing it securely around the room, where the walls are made of plasterboards you can use staple guns, if they are brick walls, the edge insulation and apron can be held using the tape.

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We always receive different positive comments concerning our services and we are always delighted to read them. This is a reflection of our professionalism. Since many customers are pleased with our services, we are rated highly with many 5 star reviews on ‘rated people’. This highlights the fact that our word is our bond. It also means that more customers are taking the decision to choose us as their UFH Company in and around the East and West Sussex area.

Which? TrustaTrader

It is widely known that Which? ‘Trusted Trader’ only affirm reputable organisations who have passed its test and that their ‘logo’ is given to approved organisations with positive credit checks and financial stability. Having been approved by Which? Trusted Trader should therefore help relax your mind and assure you of the fact that you have nothing to worry about when we are your Underfloor Heating Company. In addition, before a company is listed, the customer reviews must be ‘over satisfactory level’ with a lot of rigorous examination of the firm and its administrative procedures, and the fact that we passed should help you understand that choosing to retain us as your Underfloor Heating company is one of the best decisions you will ever make. Give us a call on 01444 680003 today.

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Outstanding services

Our helpline is active 24 hours 7 days a week. We provide you with every necessary information you need to know before UFH installation, during UFH maintenance and servicing and at any point when a repair is needed. Many of our customers have positively testified about our services and this makes us proud of ourselves and continuously ensures that our service continues to impress you.

One Stop UFH company

We are a one-stop UFH company for all your Underfloor Heating system needs. From installation to maintenance, service and repairs, we have everything you can ever need. After installation, we give after sales/installation service. Specifically, we offer you continuous routine checks and inspection to ascertain that your system is working perfectly and if not, we offer you the best solution.

Why we are different

As much as there are various Underfloor heating companies out there, we pride ourselves in the knowledge that we are different from the rest because of our bespoke policies and dedication to work, which has set us apart as a company with almost a 100% positive customer review. We look after your system with so much enthusiasm that all our customers retain us for years without letting us go.

Quality Equipments

We take out only the best equipments and spare parts needed for your heating system. Unique, quality products which have a long life span without wearing out easily. Our engineers take all necessary precaution to ensure that all parts are carefully picked out and stored at the right temperature to keep it effective until it’s fixed in your home.

Why choose Us for Your Underfloor Heating Insulation in East/West Sussex?

Throughout East/West Sussex, we are chosen by many homes as their UFH Company. Apart from the fact that we prioritize our customers’ needs at all times, we are highly rated for the following reasons:

  • We are approved by Which? Trusted Trader
  • We stick to Health and safety standards while we work
  • Our policies are tailored to our customers’ needs
  • We ensure that all our customers are satisfied before sending an invoice for payment
  • Our engineers are professionals who are well equipped to solve all problems related to Underflor Heating Systems
  • Integrity, passion and commitment to service are part of our core values
  • Our prices are highly competitive.

If you live around East and West Sussex, from Clevevale to Petworth, contact us for a free quote on 01444 680003 today.

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