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Underfloor Heating Repairs Repairs

CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex is one of the leading names in the repairs of Underfloor Heating systems. Many homes and businesses prefer us to handle their repairs because we are specialists that offer repair services that can stand the test of time.

People choose Underfloor Heating Systemsfor many reasons but one of the major ones is the fact that it rarely requires repairs or servicing for the first few years after installation. As the system ages, however, you will need reliable professionals to check it for optimum functionality from time to time. Talk to CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex today, to discuss how you can bring your under floor heating system back to life.

Our Guarantee

We pledge to help you with every necessary repairs regarding your Underfloor Heating System and bring it back to life, leaving you with the warmand cozy, home and business area you’ve always enjoyed. Upon contacting us, our expert engineers will visit your property to understand the problem with your system before repairing it. At no time will our specialists damage your flooring to effect the necessary repairs. This is because, most times, the problem with heating systems has nothing to do with the floor area. We assure you of prompt, fast, professional and cost effective service at all times.

Understanding if your Underfloor Heating System needs Repairs?

The first step to understanding why your system may need repairs is to know what type of system you installed the wet or the dry electrical System. Both systems are well designed to suit your needs, but, repairing them differs in some ways. If you use the wet system, pipes laid under your floor will be connected to the central boiling system which allows warm water to be distributed evenly under the floor.

For the electric design, wires are laid under the floor with the use of flexible loose wires or large cables and electric mats. Often times there may be wiring problems, pipes locked up with air, blocked pipes, loosed fittings, or worn- out pumps. Where one of this is detected, our specialists are just a phone call away. At CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex we put our customers first and ensure that your system is repaired effectively within a short time frame.

DIY Tips

During the summer period, you should switch on your system for few minutes at intervals to prevent the pipe and valves from sticking together. Before calling for repairs, when you notice an uneven distribution of heat, you will need to first check the thermostat, programmers and timers, as it may be that a power fluctuation or power outage caused the settings to be out of place.

Secondly, you may need to check the fuse box to ensure nothing is out of place and likewise check the supply of hot waterfrom your boiler to ensure that the flow is not stopped in anyway. When all these methods have been exhausted and your system still malfunctions, then do call on our specialists to check.

Our Specialists

Our engineers use the most recently developed equipments such as the ‘thermal imaging device’ to detect the problem with your system before acting on it. Without having recourse to tear your floor apart or break it up, our engineers will work neatly and accurately, to deliver an error-free, fast and tailor made service to your Underfloor Heating System needs. Contact us for a diagnosis and repair today. Our Experts are ever ready to serve you.

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Rated People

We are able to understand the reasons for many positive ratings we received on Rated People. When we work at our customers’ home, we constantly take out monitoring inspections which helps us compile very detailed information on the performance of our service. When we compared our in-house database with the reviews online, we found out that there was no disparity which brings us to the conclusion that our services are pleasing to our customers. We have received great reviews and testimonials on our Underfloor Heating Services so far and continuously do. Wouldn’t you want this experience? For a free quote regarding our repair services, contact us on 01444 680003.

Which? Trusted Traders

We are confident that you will be happy with us when you choose us as your Underfloor Heating Company. When we signed on to Which? Trusted trader, the testimonials received for our work were overwhelmingly positive, this is why we know that if you take the initiative to retain us as your heating company, you will be satisfied with our services just like others are. We are ‘Which? Trusted Trader’ approved and this means that we are a reliable, honest, professional company with policies which places the customer as king, with the assurance that all needs must be fulfilled to the satisfaction of all our clients. Why not give us a call today and experience our expertise.

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CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex UFH Repairs Standards

Free Technical Advice

Our technicians are ever ready to help with free DIY tips regarding your Underfloor Heating System.

We have a dedicated team of staff who are always available to answer your queries, all you need to do is to contact us on 01444 680003 should you require our expert DIY advise.

Zero Call-Out Charges

When we are contacted for repairs, you are not expected to make payment until we are finished with the repairs, so you can trust our ability to repair your heating system to function perfectly well or in the alternative, advise you according to the best possible solution.

Customer –Centric Services

We ensure that you are abreast off all the things happening in respect to your heating system. We tailor our services to your exact needs and deliver just as you require. We will make suggestions and advise you but we will never force you to do anything you are not totally sure of.

Expert Engineers

Our engineers are Gas-Safe, which means that you can sure of a positive outcome when we come for repairs in your home, with the inclination to protect your security and ensure your safety, our engineers work tirelessly, utilizing their expertise for your satisfaction.

Why choose us for your UFH Repairs in East/West Sussex?

For your UFH Repairs, you should choose CMitten Underfloor Heating Sussex because

  • We are the best Underfloor Heating Company for the provision of repair services
  • Our prices are very convenient and affordable
  • Our engineers are experts with long years of experience
  • We have a valid insurance covering all our services
  • We stick to a high level of Health and Safety standard while working

For more information on repairing your Heating system, get in touch. Our underfloor heating service covers every part of East and West Sussex from Hampden Park to Newhaven. Contact us on 01444 680003 for a free quote today.

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