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Repair Your Underfloor Heating in Saddlescombe We provide timely, professional repairs solutions for any type of underfloor heating infrastructure at Clifton Hill & Montpelier. Our understanding of these systems and our operational experience in Saddlescombe puts us in an ideal position to sort out your heating systems as quickly and efficiently as possible. Underfloor heating is the favoured heating choice in Saddlescombe. This is due to the cost-effectiveness of underfloor heating, how it assists the quality of air, and its method of dispersing heat. Heat will be evenly distributed throughout your building.

Underfloor heating also gives you more heating coverage from the ground up, without intruding on your living space. Repair Your Underfloor Heating in Saddlescombe We are confident that you have enjoyed maximum comfort from your underfloor heating, whether it's an electric or water heating system. But underfloor heating can be problematic, especially after long term use with less maintenance. Your heating system may be struggling to warm up your floors and get certain areas heated. And your plumbers may be avoiding the job or worsening the problem. This shouldn't worry you, as we can help. We repair any kind of underfloor heating,no matter the challenge. When they arrive at your property, our technicians will take an unbiased look at your system, ask about your experiences and provide the right solutions.

Repair Your Underfloor Heating in Saddlescombe

Underfloor heating can function for a long time before issues begin to arise. This is especially true if you are utilising a quality heating system. But repairing your system when the need calls for it, through the right experts, will ensure that you continue to enjoy your warmth and comfort. We know you may be worried that your whole floor will needto be torn apart to conduct repairs.

Repair Your Underfloor Heating in Saddlescombe If it comes to the worst, thermal imaging equipment will be employed in finding the faulty points under your flooring, which will enable our technicians to mark out the exact location of the problem and fix it accordingly. If there's a need to fix an underground issue, rest assured that the floor repairs required will be minimal. Common issues with underfloor heating which we have recognised over the years include faulty actuators, bad cables and wiring, air locked and worn out pipes, and some areas lacking heat. Incorrect settings in the thermostat could also cause heating problems. You should try your best to switch on your underfloor heating periodically during the summer. Leaving your heating systems off for a long period of time may cause valves and pipes to stick. Repair Your Underfloor Heating in Saddlescombe

Repair Your Underfloor Heating in Saddlescombe

Electric underfloor heating consists of laying electric heating sheets or electric cables within or beneath your floors. The cables are normally laid on an insulation board to improve energy efficiency. The heat output and temperature of electric underfloor heating systems are controlled by a thermostat. They can last for a long period of time without developing issues, when they are correctly installed. When they do develop issues, however, this may be down to various factors.

A common issue is an incorrect setting in the thermostat or a faulty thermostat. Repair Your Underfloor Heating in Saddlescombe One or more wires may be cut or damaged when your system is being installed. This issue can be fixed by connecting the wires again with the proper equipment. The floor sensor probe could be faulty as a result of poor installation. In the instance that it needs replacement, this can be done in no time by a qualified specialist. Whatever the issue might be, (as there could be others), trust our proficient underfloor experts to get your electric underfloor heating functioning again.

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Hydronic underfloor heating, as it is more technically known, involves the use of pipes laid beneath your floor. Warm water goes around these pipes to heat up your home. Repair Your Underfloor Heating in Saddlescombe The type of floor that you have in your building determines how this system warms up your rooms. Problems that occur with this system can also be solved proficiently by our professionals.

Issues that are commonly present in hydronic underfloor heating include: faulty actuators; wrong thermostat configurations or faulty thermostats; loss of pressure on the system; pipes that are punctured, which can be repaired or fixed by our technicians; or air locks in pipes. Other issues may be responsible for your heating system not producing adequate heat or not working at all. Nevertheless, our experts are always up to the task. In the worst-case scenario where an issue needs to be rectified beneath your floor, be confident that we will only raise the exact point of the fault and your floor can be repaired to look exactly as it was.

Your underfloor heating can be truly functional again!

Your home deserves its heat and comfort, and you shouldn't let a faulty heating system come in the way of that. Repair Your Underfloor Heating in Saddlescombe

Your underfloor heating repair may require multiple onsite visits to get the right equipment to your location and to accurately get to the root of the issue. This is why our base within your vicinity puts us in the ideal position to offer you the service that you need. Do not hesitate to give us a call today.

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